With my face covered, everything else was out in the open!  
Exhibition 2021. Brookyn, New York

Overwhelmed! I zoomed into small tangible pieces. Reconstructing the world through rocks, branches, shells... has taken time. With ups and downs I started building solid ground. To actively collect nature has brought me life lessons. First, I regained the ability to be "WOWed" and my appetite for discovery. Second, I recognized the act of claiming nature like therapy. It is not a random act or without responsibility. It is love and care, something that can not be done without awareness. Third, with time I have built a body, something that looks and feels like a whole only bound by ME! Lastly, what now? I must share it! Make room for more.  

Keyhole limpets and trees are the drivers for this email, an invitation to my heart and current state. Limpets move carefully between land and sea, their conical shells withstand waves and protect them from the burning sun. Able to relate to all these, I imagined myself as a human limpet carrying a shell of “protection”. With no time or reason it turned heavy, isolating most of my senses. With my face covered, everything else was out in the open! 

Bald street trees were the only nature available during winter when the pandemic first hit. Aware I moved through my neighborhood, turned museum, full of plastic and elastic sculptures. At a different scale I started again claiming nature, trees, making them mine by paying attention and calling them out. 

The story in my head continued to evolve, the shell became everything that was supposed to protect me but instead had slowed me down. The growth plasticity on the tree provided a solution to the shell problem. As Today I am a human-tree-limpet. Less overwhelmed branching my senses out of isolation.